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Made in Massachusetts

Modern technology meets traditional methods of tailoring at Southwick in Haverhill. State-of-the-art machinery and a skilled workforce come together to craft garments using high-quality fabrics from around the world. As part of the next generation of tailors, these workers perfected the natural-shoulder construction associated with American tailoring while maintaining strict standards of quality.

Shop Suits & Sport Coats

Suits & Sport Coats

Southwick is the epicenter of Brooks Brothers’ American tailoring. Our premium Golden Fleece® suiting, Made to Measure and select styles from the 1818 collection originate in this factory. All merchandise made at Southwick arrives with an American flag pin fastened to the lapel.

Made to Measure

Our custom program is the height of Brooks Brothers’ exceptional tailoring. Customers choose from a portfolio of reserved fabrics and special features, from buttons to linings. Once a customer’s exact measurements are recorded, they are sent to Southwick, where our master tailors create a truly one-of-a-kind suit or sport coat.

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Gallery Faces of Massachusetts
Ramon VasquezOperations Section Supervisor

“Every day we want to make the product the very best it can be for the customer. We are always, always thinking about our customer.”

Stella KarasOperations Unit Supervisor

“The equipment on the floor in Southwick is the newest, most modern technology available that focuses on efficiency and productivity. It’s truly a state of the art facility. ”

Joseph KarasOperations Unit Supervisor

“We use state-of-the-art machines when the work can be done by machine, and when it requires handwork, we rely on highly skilled tailors to do that work.”

Thi Thi AyeOperations Section Supervisor

“Our quality control is above all standards in the industry. Every single coat, every single piece of clothing is checked and triple checked before it’s nearly close to being ready to be sent to the store.”

Jimmy MurphyManufacturing Manager

“When the garment industry globalized, people around the world learned skills that differ from what we’re used to, and they bring those different ways of thinking to Southwick.”

Amir FayziQuality Assurance

“Tailoring is an art form, it’s vital to have the eye for detail. Just as an artist paints a canvas to make it appealing to the eye, tailors fit the human canvas so that it’s appealing to the eye.”

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Home to our shirting facility, this
small town crafts our Original Polo®
Button-Down Oxford.


We craft our iconic neckwear
less than ten miles from our
Madison Avenue headquarters.

Makers and Merchants MAKERS & MERCHANTS

From North Carolina to NYC,
our commitment to quality
manufacturing begins at home.

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