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Stay dry in light drizzles and heavy downpours with functional yet fashionable umbrellas at Brooks Brothers.

Stylish Umbrella Designs

Don’t let a little rain keep you from stepping out in your best attire. In solid black, plaids, and print motifs, umbrellas from Brooks Brothers provide the weather protection you need on cloudy days while keeping you looking stylish. Our signature tattersall and tartan prints pair with beautiful wood crook handles to provide a timeless, style-enhancing look. Choose our doorman-style umbrella for a two-tier, inversion-resistant polyester canopy that carries an air of sophistication. For a simpler design that still has intricate detailing, pick out a walking stick umbrella with a natural bamboo handle. Don’t miss out on our special-edition umbrellas featuring our logo-checkered pattern in rich navy and gold tones.

Mini Umbrellas

For maximum convenience and portability, your favorite umbrella designs come in miniature sizes, too. While standard umbrellas typically measure anywhere from 35 to 50 inches in length, the compact umbrellas from Brooks Brothers measure 21 to 28.5 inches long when expanded and fold down to a little longer than a foot. You still get ample coverage to keep your dress shirts and suits protected from the elements, all while maintaining a sophisticated look. Browse our range of stylish umbrellas online now to find your favorite rainy-weather accessory.

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