My Brooks Rewards FAQs

My Brooks Rewards Membership
What is My Brooks Rewards?
My Brooks Rewards is Brooks Brothers customer loyalty program featuring rewards and exclusive member-only benefits designed to recognize and reward members for shopping at Brooks Brothers stores (excluding Airport stores), through our catalogs, website and within our mobile app, regardless of how you choose to pay. The Brooks Card® and Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard® cardholders are automatically enrolled in the program.
What kind of benefits can I earn in the program?
As a member of My Brooks Rewards, you will receive access to benefits such as bonus point opportunities, members-only flash sales and more. Plus, you will accumulate points for your purchases. You will receive a $10 Reward for every 1,000 points you earned.
How do I join My Brooks Rewards?
Joining is easy. Residents of the United States may enroll in My Brooks Rewards online, within our mobile app, at any U.S Brooks Brothers Retail or Factory store (excluding Airport locations), or by phone at 833-710-4847. To enroll, customers must provide their first and last name, valid mailing address, phone number and email address. The Brooks Card and Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard cardholders who are not already enrolled in the program will be automatically enrolled when they are approved for their card.
Does it cost anything to be a My Brooks Rewards member?
There is no fee to join or remain enrolled in My Brooks Rewards.
Who can join My Brooks Rewards?
My Brooks Rewards is open to residents of the U.S. aged 18 years or older.
How My Brooks Rewards Works
How do I accumulate points?
The number of points you earn varies based on your Membership Level and whether you pay for your Brooks Brothers purchase using The Brooks Card, a Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard, or another form of payment (see chart below). At a minimum, you’ll earn two points per dollar spent on purchases in all U.S. Brooks Brothers Retail and Factory store locations (excluding Airport locations), online, by phone or within the Brooks Brothers mobile app (for U.S. members only).

Points are earned on eligible purchases including merchandise and traditional gift cards bought at all U.S. Retail and Factory store locations, excluding sales tax, discounts, shipping and handling, returns and price adjustments. No points may be earned by purchasing an eGift card. Additionally, point earning can only take place when the dollar amount is positive in the following categories: alterations, monogramming/engraving, and gift boxes. Purchases at Brooks Brothers Airport locations are not eligible for points accumulation. However, Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard cardholders may still earn points when using their card on external spending. (Learn more about earning points with your Brooks Brothers Credit Card.) In order to receive points for an eligible purchase, customers must do the following:
  • Retail Store / Factory Outlet: Tell the store associate at checkout that you're a My Brooks Rewards member.
  • Online / Mobile App: Make sure you log in to your account to complete your purchase.
  • Out of store: For Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard cardholders, you’ll automatically accumulate points when you shop with a Brooks Brothers Mastercard everywhere that Mastercard is welcome.
  • Over the phone: Tell the customer service representative that you're a My Brooks Rewards member. We’re happy to take your call seven days a week, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET.
What happens to my points if I make a return?
If you return an item from an eligible purchase for which you received points, we will deduct the corresponding number of points from your account. If there are not enough points available in your account, the return may result in a negative point balance. Subsequent purchases will work your status back to a positive balance. Negative points do not expire. Points from returns of outside purchases will be calculated based on your monthly billing statement. View Program Terms for more information.
When will I receive my points for purchases?
Purchases may take up to two weeks to post to your account after the purchase, shipment, delivery or pick-up date. Points will be awarded once the purchase is reflected within your account. Points earned through external purchases using your Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard may take up to 31 days to post to your account.
When I'm shopping at Brooks Brothers, do I have to use my Brooks Brothers credit card to earn points?
No. You will accumulate, at a minimum, two points per dollar spent when you pay with cash or any accepted credit or debit card other than a Brooks Brothers credit card. However, you will accumulate more points if you use your Brooks Card or Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard. Just be sure to let your sales associate know you are a My Brooks Rewards member. Or, be sure your online profile reflects your information and you are logged in to earn points for online purchases.
Are there any exclusions to accumulating points?
Points will be earned if the dollar amount is positive in the following categories — merchandise, alterations, traditional gift card purchases, monogramming/engraving and gift boxes — and if the item or service was purchased at a U.S. Retail or Factory store, online, via the app or by contacting our Customer Service department by telephone (excluding sales tax, discounts, shipping and handling, returns and price adjustments). Points are not earned on purchases in Airport stores, purchases in Red Fleece cafes, charitable contributions, eGift cards or forfeited deposits.
Can I earn points for online purchases? How about Made to Measure purchases, alterations and monogramming?
Yes, as long as the dollar amount is above $0, you will earn points. Points for online purchases will post to your account up to two weeks after the shipment of the full order. Points for Made to Measure purchases will post to your account up to two weeks after your pick-up date.
Can I earn points when I purchase a Brooks Brothers gift card?
You will earn points when purchasing a traditional Brooks Brothers gift card directly from a Brooks Brothers U.S. Retail or Factory store, online or by calling Customer Service. No points may be earned by purchasing an eGift card or by redeeming either a traditional gift card or eGift card.
Do my points expire?
If there is no activity on your account for a period of 24 consecutive months, the points in your account will be forfeited.
May I give my points to someone else?
Members may gift their points to other members. Simply call us at 833-710-4847. In order to gift points to another member, you must provide the email address associated with the other member’s loyalty account. An email address is required both for the gifter and the recipient in order to gift points.
How will I know when I have earned a Reward?
My Brooks Rewards will issue Reward certificates twice monthly, approximately on the 14th and 28th of each month, regardless of payment type. Once your points balance reaches 1,000 points, a $10.00 Reward certificate will be issued and delivered to the email address associated with the account. Rewards are issued approximately on the 14th and 28th of every month. Your Reward will also appear in your account information in stores, online, in our mobile app and by calling our Customer Service department. Your Reward can be redeemed in stores, online, by phone or in the mobile app.
How do I redeem my Rewards?
To redeem your Rewards in stores or by phone through our Customer Service department, simply let the associate know you are a My Brooks Rewards member. Associates can apply any active Rewards to your purchase.
To redeem your Rewards online or in the mobile app, make sure you are signed in to your account before checkout. You will be able to view and apply any valid Rewards on the checkout page.
If you are currently a member of our Corporate Membership Program and have more than one web profile, you must be logged in with the web profile where your Rewards reside.
What happens to my Rewards balance if I make a return?
If you return merchandise, the redeemed Points and Rewards used in your original merchandise transaction will not be reinstated or refunded to you. In addition, the dollar value of Rewards used in the transaction will not be refunded or credited back to your account.
How can I check my progress toward my Rewards?
You can check your progress toward Reward earning and learn of other member-only offers and benefits at Purchases may take up to two weeks to post to your account after the purchase, shipment or delivery date. Points earned through external purchases using your Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard may take up to 31 days to post to your account.
Do Rewards expire?
Rewards expire six months from issuance, unless otherwise noted on the Reward. Rewards expire at 11:59 PM ET on the expiration date shown on the Reward.
Are there exclusions to redeeming Rewards?
Rewards may be used in conjunction with most other discounts or offers toward the purchase of products unless otherwise disclosed on the discount or offer, not to exceed the purchase amount. Rewards have no cash value. Any Reward amount not used in the purchase will be forfeited. Rewards may be used only once and cannot be applied to prior purchases. Rewards can be redeemed only on new purchases made at U.S. Brooks Brothers Retail and Factory stores (excluding Airport stores), by contacting us by phone, through our website or within our mobile app. Rewards may not be applied as payment on The Brooks Card or Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard. See Program Terms for more information.
Can I share my Reward?
Reward Certificates are not transferrable, and may only be redeemed by the member to whom the reward was issued.
What kinds of benefits will I get with the program beyond Rewards?
You will receive additional benefits based on your Membership Level..
How do I qualify to reach a new level?
Member levels are based on annual spending on Brooks Brothers purchases. Your eligibility for higher status is based on your net spending with Brooks Brothers regardless of how you pay for your purchases. (Net spending is defined as purchases made when a My Brooks Rewards card is presented at the time of purchase, and/or all Brooks Brothers credit card purchases, minus returns, refunds, price adjustments, taxes and shipping and handling charges.) Achieving Preferred status starts by spending $750 in a calendar year. Level upgrades may take up to 20 days to post to your account after you achieve the threshold. Upon joining My Brooks Rewards, new members are enrolled at the Insider level; member level status is then evaluated continually based on the following:
  • Preferred: $750 based on annual minimum net Brooks Brothers purchases.
  • VIP: $1,500 based on annual minimum net Brooks Brothers purchases.
I’ve reached a new level — how long is my status honored?
Once you reach the next level, you’ll enjoy those status benefits for the remainder of the year you’ve earned, plus the entire next year. For example, if you spend $750 between January and August of 2018, you will be upgraded to Preferred Status within 20 days of reaching the threshold and will remain a Preferred member until December 31, 2019.
Do I need to requalify annually for my benefits to continue?
Yes. To maintain your member level status, you need to maintain the same spending year over year. For example, if you're a Preferred member at the beginning of 2018, you need to spend at least $750 in net purchases in 2018 to maintain your Preferred status in 2019.
Members with The Brooks Card or a Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard
What do I earn when I use The Brooks Card or a Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard?
You earn more points when you use your Brooks Card or Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard than you earn with any other payment type.
How do I ensure I get credit toward my Reward when I make a purchase with my Brooks Card or Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard?
When making your purchase, simply provide to the associate assisting you the email address or phone number that you used to enroll. For online or mobile app purchases, make sure you’ve created a My Brooks Rewards profile and are logged in before you check out. To review your progress and see your purchase summary, log in at for the latest information. Note: Member activity takes up to three days to update in your online account.
If I make a purchase outside of Brooks Brothers with my Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard, when will points be added to the My Brooks Rewards account?
Points earned on purchases made outside of Brooks Brothers are added to the My Brooks Rewards account monthly within 10 days of the close of your billing cycle.
Will the other cardholders on my Brooks Brothers account get points and Rewards?
Only the primary cardholder will earn points and Rewards
If I purchase using my Brooks Card or Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard through PayPal or Amazon Pay, do I still earn bonus points?
At this time, purchases made through PayPal or Amazon Pay using The Brooks Card or Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard do not earn bonus points. However, please note that you will still earn points at your base rate with these purchases.
My Account
How do I complete my enrollment?
Once you opt in, you’ll be on your way to hearing about new styles, flash sales, opportunities to earn points faster and so much more. To make sure your enrollment is complete, simply log in to your Brooks Brothers account online and access ‘My Account.’ If you see ‘Pending’ in your status for My Brooks Rewards, click on the link to generate a confirmation email. Clicking the link within your email will confirm your enrollment.
I have not received my registration confirmation email. What should I do?
In your email account, please check your junk mail or spam folder for your confirmation email. Still can’t find it? Call us at 833-710-4847 and we can assist in activating your account.
What kinds of communications will I receive as a member?
As a member of My Brooks Rewards, you’ll receive regular emails from Brooks Brothers with member-only offers, Reward updates, program details and more, plus news about upcoming Brooks Brothers sales and events. You can change the frequency of these emails at any time — simply log in to your account profile and change your preferences.
What if I didn’t receive my Reward?
Don’t worry! If you have a Reward and are shopping in store or by phone, simply provide the store or customer service associate your email address, and he or she will find all active Rewards for you.
If you’re shopping online or within the mobile app, log in and access your account profile. All of your active Rewards will be listed there.
What if I don’t want to be a member of My Brooks Rewards anymore?
We’d hate to see you go! But if you no longer wish to be a member, just call us at 833-710-4847.
What if I don’t want to receive My Brooks Rewards emails anymore?
We’ve made it easy for you. Simply update your communication preferences in your account profile. This will unsubscribe you from all My Brooks Rewards emails in addition to all other Brooks Brothers emails. You will still receive emails with your issued Rewards, changes to Term and Conditions, and any other communication required to support your participation in the program.
How do I update my account information?
You can easily update your account information by accessing your account profile. (If you need to alter your birthday in your profile, please call our Contact Center at 833-710-4847). Changes made to your credit card account will need to be updated separately: for The Brooks Card, call 888-276-1229; for Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard call 888-274-3777.
What should I do if my purchases are not showing in my Account Summary?
You can report a missing purchase by calling 833-710-4847 within 180 days of your purchase. You will need to have your receipt handy to provide specific transaction details.
Other Program Questions
Which stores are participating in the My Brooks Rewards program?
All Retail and Factory stores in the United States are participating. At this time, Airport stores are not participating.
Why do you need my email address?
Rewards and offers are delivered to your email address on file. If you do not currently have an email address on file, simply enroll at and create and account. If you do not have an email account, your phone number will identify you when you are shopping in store.
Who should I contact if I have questions, problems or other feedback?
For questions about My Brooks Rewards, please contact us at 833-710-4847
Do I need to print my Rewards? How do I print my Rewards?
You don’t need to print your Rewards—simply provide your email address to the store associate, who will look up all your active Rewards. If you’d still like to print your Rewards, log in to your account, and you’ll be able to print them from there.