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Brooks Brothers has made countless
contributions to the clothing industry
since 1818.
Explore our ongoing
commitment to innovation.

Engineering & Design

Our experts are constantly exploring new ways to marry style and function


Tailored Clothing

A polished look shouldn't mean giving up comfort. Continuous advancements in suiting construction help us create garments that liberate natural movement without sacrificing style.

Anatomy of a Brooks Brothers Suit

More than the sum of their parts, Brooks Brothers suits are masterpieces of American tailoring. From hand-sewn armholes to soft natural shoulders, each suit is a study in meticulous design. The vast majority of our suits are made in our facility in Massachusetts using the world's finest fabrics, innovative equipment and time tested craftsmanship.

Anatomy of a Suit

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The Golden Fleece Footwear Collection

Our newest shoe collection offers the sophistication of a dress shoe and flexible comfort of an athletic shoe - a true union of form and function

Anatomy of a Shoe

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