Men's Tuxedos & Formalwear

59 Results
59 Results
59 Results
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Men's Tuxedos & Formal Dress for Men

Redefine formal dress for men with Brooks Brothers' exquisite collection of men's tuxedos. Tailored to perfection for your most distinguished occasions, our elegant selection of men’s formal wear captures the delicate balance of classic style and modern sophistication. Choose from a range of tuxedos for men, including tuxedo separates and accessories, meticulously crafted from premium materials such as pure wool and velvet. Our tuxedo pants and jackets come in quality cuts, from modern one-button and two-button styles to traditional double-breasted designs. With a variety of cuts and sizing options, there's a fit to suit every body type. Select a timeless black tuxedo or venture into more contemporary colors and prints like navy, white, and tartan to make a bold statement. Complete your formal look with our refined accessories, including men’s ties, cummerbunds, tuxedo studs, gloves, and more, all impeccably curated to add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. Experience unmatched sophistication and style with Brooks Brothers' men's formal wear collection.