70 Results
70 Results
70 Results
Size & Fit Guide
  1. Refine by Size: 30
  2. Refine by Size: 30 30
  3. Refine by Size: 30 32
  4. Refine by Size: 31
  5. Refine by Size: 32
  6. Refine by Size: 32 30
  7. Refine by Size: 32 32
  8. Refine by Size: 33
  9. Refine by Size: 33 32
  10. Refine by Size: 34
  11. Refine by Size: 34 30
  12. Refine by Size: 34 32
  13. Refine by Size: 34 34
  14. Refine by Size: 35
  15. Refine by Size: 35 30

Crafted Just For You

You can order shirts made with the legendary Brooks Brothers quality, made to your exact specifications.

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Made to Measure: Now you can order shirts crafted with the world-famous Brooks Brothers quality, made to your exact specifications.
$908.60 - $1,298.00

Men's Suits

Shop the Brooks Brothers suit collection, expertly crafted since 1818 and carefully updated with modern style and sensibility. Our suit fabrications come from the highest-quality yarns from the finest Italian and English mills constructing breathable 100% fine wool with natural stretch and with performance properties to repell water and stains. Additionally seasonally offering specialty tweeds, flannels, cotton, linen, and more. Our designs are always proper and polished for client meetings, interviews, and milestones to remember. Explore our flagship collection from 1818 (fully-lined, sold as a nested jacket and pant) and Explorer Collection (half-constructed for ease, jacket and pant sold separately for minimal to zero alterations). Our comfortable, stylish men’s suits are available in an array of fits to flatter any body type, including Slim (formerly known as Milano), Regular (formerly known as Regent), Traditional, and Big & Tall. Also sold in lengths Short, Regular, and Long. Pair with our world-reknowned dress shirts and ties.