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Brooks Brothers Vintage Shop

It’s History! But it will be back. Sorry you missed our carefully curated selection of hand-picked Brooks Brothers vintage items. But the next collection of vintage, selected for its condition, character and contribution to our 200-plus-year history, returns just in time for back-to-school-style season. Check back here, and follow us @brooksbrothers for more on the next drop.

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Vintage Clothing & Authentic Vintage Styles

Welcome to the Brooks Brothers Vintage Shop: A collection of authentic, one-of-a-kind vintage clothing and accessories, expertly sourced by vintage purveyors and meticulously curated and certified by Brooks Brothers. Step into decades past and bring a little piece of vintage fashion back with you to elevate your wardrobe with a timeless piece of American style. Choose from a selection of vintage shirts, vintage jackets, and other items. Every piece we choose captures an essential moment in the history of American fashion, and many of these vintage clothing items influenced and inspired some of our most iconic modern-day styles. And while you’re journeying through the past, don’t forget to explore the Brooks Brothers Heritage Shop: a reinvention of our most classic style icons from over the last 200 years, celebrating our legacy of fashion innovation and superior craftsmanship.